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YouTubers are drooling over this video of someone polishing an old, rusty knife



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23 Junio 2017 11:27

We don’t know why, we just can’t stop watching it

Image credit Youtube: JunsKitchen.

It was 2011. My best friend and I were vegging on the sofa at her place getting to grips with one of those hellish post-party hangovers. While we ate our pasta and tomato like hyenas devouring a carcass, we got stuck into an online shopping channel.

I can’t tell you how it happened, but as we watched we went from saying ‘what the fuck are we watching this crap for?’ to working out how much it would cost us if we went halves to buy Chef Tony’s fantastic knives. ‘Holy shit, they’re as sharp as anything.’ ‘Yeah I know, and they’d last a lifetime,’ and so it went for three hours.

There’s something in that. We really seem to get off on watching knives slicing through things quickly and effortlessly. God knows why. It’s like a mini mental orgasm brought on by something being done really well. And if to this we add a complete story: Boy buys shit knife, boy turns shit knife into shit-hot knife, boy slices the fuck out his vegetables with his new shit-hot knife, well, then we end up with a mix between My Fair Lady and Chef Tony’s TV show which no adult brain can resist.

So without further ado, here’s the video that’s just snatched YouTube’s number 1 slot in popularity ratings:

We don’t know why, we just can’t stop watching it.